Volunteer Requirements


Volunteer Opportunities

HSE School Board Policy requires parent volunteers to have a criminal history check every three years. If you have not had a volunteer background check in the past three years, or if you wish to volunteer for the first time, please fully review this page and follow the directions to complete an application for the required volunteer criminal background check.  If you are unsure if your previous background check is still valid please contact your child’s school. Once approved, you may volunteer at any Hamilton Southeastern campus that your students attend.

We welcome friends, family, and community members as volunteers. Every individual MUST complete the requirements below before they can volunteer.

HSE District Volunteer Requirements

All volunteer background checks are now completed online via the link below. The cost for the volunteer background check is $13.00 and can be paid online via credit card. Volunteers must also watch an anti-bullying video. Most background checks will be processed in approximately three business days.  Please plan accordingly and complete the process for your background check several days prior to the date you wish to volunteer.

  1. Complete Details Background Check Form for HSE Schools (You cannot Volunteer without completing this process)
  2. Once you are approved, you need to forward your badge to vicepresident@fishersband.org
  3. Now you can volunteer! Login to Cuttime and navigate to the Volunteer tab to find new volunteer opportunities!


Access Cut Time

Cut Time is the management system for the Fishers H.S. Tiger Band. This is the place where all the ensembles, volunteer needs, and financial records for students are administered.

New to Cut Time?

You can create your own profile in Cut Time by following the link below. The information will be sent to the Fishers Tiger Band Administrators so they can confirm you are a member and provide you access. All parents should create an account for free!