Register for Marching Band (All Members)

It’s time to register for the upcoming season! Regardless if you are a first year member, or a veteran, EVERYONE must register by May 20th in order to reserve a spot in the 2022 Marching Tiger Band! Please fill out the registration form below. Along with your registration, you need to pay a $150 registration fee, which will be applied to your marching band fees for the year. If there is difficulty paying this fee at this time, please email Mr. Kohler or Mr. McCready (¬†and and we will work with you.

Here are the steps to make sure your student is in the Marching Tiger Band:

Step 1

Fill out the registration form on this website

  • Everyone must register, regardless of past participation.
  • Registration includes a $150 registration fee, payable online, by check, or via positive Student Account balance.

Step 2

Read the Marching Band Handbook

  • Download the PDF and read the contents. As a member of the marching band you are responsible for knowing this information and abiding by our policies.

Step 3

Optional: Apply to be a student leader (DMs included)

  • Returning members only, please.
  • Applications are due on the website by Friday, May 13.

Step 4

Wait for communication from the directors

  • We will work with you to make sure you have an account in Cut Time, submit the health form, and send music and training videos when the time comes.