Fishers Marching Band Invitational

2023 Fishers Invitational

Saturday, September 30, 2023

We would love to host your program at Fishers High School and request you respond early with your registration. The invitational will be a great early read from an amazing panel!

Class structure will include, ISSMA Scholastic A & B, as well as ISSMA Class A, B, C, & D. The contest will feature a world class judging panel. This is a perfect opportunity to get a read from a very experienced BOA panel. Additionally, each band participating will receive immediate feedback from an 8th evaluator whose only job is to provide your program with this “mini clinic” for your band. The Enrollment fee for the Invitational is $250. Enrollment deadline is September 9, 2023.

MUSIC: Chip Crotts, Mike Howard, David Starnes, Clif Walker                                                                VISUAL: Tim Ocrhan, Jim Stun, Mike Anderson                                                                                          LEADERSHIP CLNICIAN: Jeremy Spicer

Optional Directors/Staff Clinics

A unique additional educational opportunity exists for the directors and staffs of the bands who participate. You can schedule a 50 minute clinic session to meet with four members of the adjudication panel who will provide clinics on Saturday evening following the contest. You will receive 25 minutes with two visual judges and 25 minutes with two music judges who will sit with you and your video recording of your show and on a large screen provide ideas, suggestions and input you can incorporate for the remainder of your season. This is not a critique but rather an opportunity for dialogue in a positive setting for continued growth and improvement. These clinics are offered on a first-come-first-served basis and are limited to 8 bands. The additional cost for this clinic session is $100.

We recognize this is still relatively early in the season and rehearsal time for all of the groups is at a premium. If you are traveling in for the show and need a facility to practice, please let us help you arrange that. Additionally, if you are local, this show will be a late afternoon/ evening show so you are able to have a rehearsal during the day and join us later for a run before an amazing judging panel.


Please note that performance time priorities will be given based on receipt of completed entry forms.

Apply for the Invitational

All entries submitted after July 1, 2023 will be scheduled by earliest submission date. Performance times are assigned by order of received entries and at the discretion of event management. Entry deadline is SEPTEMBER 9, 2022. 

Band Classifications

Bands are classified by school enrollment, grades 9-12 only. The Fishers Invitational will utilize the ISSMA classification system for enrollment.

  • Scholastic Class A
  • Scholastic Class B
  • Class D is up to 569 students
  • Class C is 570-999
  • Class B is 1,000-1,699
  • Class A is 1,700 and above

Any Scholastic Class A & B bands are welcome and invited to participate in the competition or in a judged evaluation only.

Contact Info

Mailing Address:
Fishers H.S. Band Boosters
P.O. Box 188
Fishers, IN 46038

Contest Director
Chad Kohler

Invitational Chair:
Jeran King

Judges and Band Coordinator
Scott McCormick

Adjudication Panel

Evaluator/ Clinicians include:

Music – David Starnes, Randy Greenwell, Clif Walker

Visual –  Tim Ochran, Greg Llacer, Randy Nelson

LEADERSHIP Clinician – Jeremy Spicer, Frank Troyka

Our adjudicators use the Bands of America scoring system.

Music Performance20 Points (averaged)

Music Performance Individual judge is located on the field. Music Performance Ensemble judge is located at a vantage point from above. The two music performance judges scores are averaged

Visual Performance20 points (averaged)

Visual Performance Individual judge is located on the field. Visual Performance Ensemble judge is located at a vantage point from above. The two visual performance judges scores are averaged.

Music General Effect40 points

There are two Music General Effect judges, located above, each with 20 possible points which are then added for a total of 40 possible General Effect Music points.

Visual General Effect20 points

Visual General Effect judge is located at a vantage point from above

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Invitational sponsorship range from Title Sponsor of $10,000 to Bronze Sponsor of $250.


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