Following is the schedule for the ISSMA Regional Marching Band Contest, which takes place at Center Grove High School on Saturday, October 18th:

7:30 am – Meet at FHS Band room

8:00 am – Rehearsal on the field with Hats & Shoes

12:45 pm – Load Equipment & eat sack lunch

2:00 pm – Final Check & Load the busses

2:15 pm – Depart for Center Grove HS

3:30 pm – Arrive at Center Grove HS, unload equipment, change into uniform

4:35 pm – Report & transit to Physical warm up

4:42 pm – Physical Warm Up A

5:06 pm – transit to Musical warm up

5:11 pm – Musical Warm Up A

5:35 pm – Transit to performance

5:53 pm – Stage


6:06 pm – Exit the field, change out of uniform

6:15 pm –Booster provide dinner at the Truck.  THEN go watch other A bands.

7:40 pm – Awards Ceremony

8:00 pm – Load busses and depart for FHS

9:30 pm – Arrive back at FHS and unload and go home.



  • Bring your marching shoes & Black socks
  • Bring a sack lunch & Boosters will provide dinner
  • Have EVERYTHING you need to make your instrument work properly
  • Behave appropriately on the bus
  • Be respectful of those who are volunteering their time to help our band
  • Dress for the weather
  • Take care of the uniform.  DO NOT EAT IN UNIFORM
  • Do your very best and do not worry about scores or how you placed


You have worked hard and earned this position at region contest.   Remember to relax do your best and DO NOT over compensate.  Nerves are natural but don’t let them get the best of you.  Do your best and help everyone else have a good day and reach a little higher.  We are very proud of all you have accomplished. GOOD LUCK