Ever wonder why judges make the decisions they do while watching a competition?

As the competitive marching band season begins, are you one of those parents who wonders “what in the world are those judges looking at and how do they judge these groups?”

AMP’s September Webinar entitled Judgement Call – What Are Those Judges Looking for Anyway? will answer all of your questions about marching band competition judging. AMP has put together an all-star panel of expert evaluators and music educators including, Dr. Nola Jones, Richard Saucedo and Dr. Joe Allison who will explain how the process of adjudicating these competitive events occur. This group of seasoned professionals have judged BOA National and Regional Championships, DCI Championships and serve in leadership roles within the pageantry arts judging community.

This group will explain the subjective nature of marching band competition, share some of the science behind the scores and how they go about determining what number to put on paper. They will also explain the “contest dynamic” and how that plays into scoring at an event.

If you are a high school band parent or fan of the competitive activity, this webinar is a must-listen. It is now available for replay on the AMP website. You must be an AMP member to watch. If you are a FHS Band Booster and are not yet registered as an AMP member, you can do so for free by following the directions on our AMP Membership announcement.

This event is co-presented by AMP’s Strategic Partners at MarchingRoundTable.com