The Fishers High School Marching Band Invitational is this Saturday, September 13th. The FHS Band schedule for the day is below.


7:30am – Band meets in the band room

8:00am – Band on the practice field for rehearsal

10:30am – Lunch BRING A SACK LUNCH 

11:30am – Band on the practice field for rehearsal with SHAKO’s & gloves

12:00pm – Transition to the stadium for rehearsal with Judges

1:30pm – Eat pizza provided by Domino’s and transition to the Auditorium

2:00pm – Frank Troyka session in the auditorium MANDATORY all members MUST attend.

3:30pm – Report to volunteer positions

NOTE: marchers need to eat dinner at some point before they get dressed at 6:30. If your volunteer shift isn’t over, ask to take a break and get your food (get something to eat from the concession stand or bring a sack dinner as well as a sack lunch). 

6:30pm – Change into uniforms in the band room

7:15pm – Transit to warm up “B”

7:25pm – Physical warm up

7:50pm – Transit to musical warm up

7:55pm – Musical warm up

8:20pm – Transit to stadium

8:30pm – Report

8:45pm – PERFORMANCE at Fishers Invitational

9:00pm – Exit, move to Clinic with Frank Troyka

9:30pm – Return to the Band room, change, put away equipment, & help clean up the invitational


Bring your marching shoes & LONG BLACK SOCKS

Pack a sack lunch and bring money $ for dinner at the concession stand

Have EVERYTHING you need to make your instrument work properly

Be on time (When you’re late…the entire band is late)

Be respectful of those who are volunteering their time to help our band

Dress for the weather

Take care of the uniform (drink only water, eat only ice chips)

Help your fellows bandsmen when you can


Aim for making this show a personal best.  Listen to all direction and be ready to roll.  Have fun, relax, and enjoy performing with pride and passion.  Remember, do your best and you will be successful no matter the score.  Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.  We are proud of you!