Everyone should have all pieces to their uniform. They looked great last Friday! We are still making tweaks to hems, etc. and will continue throughout the season. A few reminders:

  • NO face paint in uniform, even after halftime!!!
  • NO eating in uniform. Water only!
  • If you borrow anything (gloves, socks, etc) bring it back. We keep up with things that go out of the uniform room and you will be charged for items that are not returned.
  • Keep up with your gloves and gauntlets. We found them all over the place after the last game.
  • You will be charged for replacement gloves. They should always be either on your body or in your bag.
  • Parents, marchers are to be responsible for their own uniforms. Parents should not be bringing uniforms back to be hung up after the game. Marchers will have to do it themselves for competitions, so they need to do it for games too.

Thanks for your help! We have over 150 marchers and uniforms are expensive! We want to take care of them.